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Main courses

Main Dishes

  • Ghent Waterzooi with chicken

    (chicken casserole with vegetables)

  • Half chicken served with salad

  • Côte à l’os (2 p.)

  • Spare ribs

  • Raw minced steak

  • Raw minced steak

  • Chateaubriand

  • Tenderloin

  • Steak

  • seasonal

  • Scampi ‘t Vosken

    tarragon, cream Sauce with wine

  • Fried scampi

  • Tagliatelle with scampi

  • Tagliatelle with seafood

  • Fish dish cooked ‘au gratin’

    Salmon, cod, mushrooms, fish sauce

  • Tomate-crevette (tomato with shrimp)

  • Pan-fried sole


  • Béarnaise

  • Pepper

  • Cream mushroom

  • Mushroom


  • Pork tenderloin with goat cheese and port sauce

  • Traditionally prepared rabbit

    (with potatoeS and appleSauce)

  • Mixed grill

    (chicken, fried ham, Steak, Spare riBS, cream Sauce, french frieS, Salad)

  • Fried ham

    (with grain mustard from meaux)

  • Sea fish Waterzooi

    (north Sea fiSh caSSerole with vegetaBleS)

  • Beef stew

  • Fish soup Provençale

  • Belgian endive au gratin

    (chicory and ham in a cheeSe- Sauce cooked ‘au gratin’)

  • Ghent Waterzooi with chicken

    (chicken casserole with vegetables)

  • Spare ribs

  • Chateaubriand

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