Open every day from 8.30am.
Kitchen open from 11.30 am to 22.30 .
Snacks: Weekdays until 23h - Weekends until 24h.


A Monument in Ghent

‘t Vosken was founded in 1908 as a hotel in the very heart of Ghent. In 1988 the establishment developed into the thriving tavern it is today. Ask anyone from around and they will know what you are talking about: an absolute must-visit when you’re in Ghent.


Traditional Ghent Dishes

‘t Vosken is mainly known for its exceptional beef stew with original Belgian fries. Other typically Ghent dishes that will make you want to lick your fingers include Ghent Waterzooi and traditionally prepared rabbit. If you can’t try it all today, you can always return tomorrow!


25 years of passion

For over a quarter of a century, ‘t Vosken has been combining good old Ghent decency with constant innovation. The interior has had several complete makeovers already and so did the menu. New dishes come and go, while the absolute classics remain true to their recipes. ‘T Vosken never stands still.


Great service in a casual atmosphere

Enjoying a delicious multiple-course meal or simply having a quick snack in the centre of Ghent at a reasonable price? ‘t Vosken is known for its splendid service in a relaxed environment. We will make you feel right at home!


Discover PALM breweries

With 20,000 visitors annually Brewery PALM is most definitely a memorable tourist attraction. An informative tour of the brewery is followed up with a visit to the famous Brabant draught horses at Diepensteyn Stud Farm.


’t Vosken in the center of Ghent

’t Vosken values good and honest food above everything else. Combine that with a complimentary glass of wine and a marvellous view over the beautiful Sint-Baafsplein in the shadow of the Ghent Belfry and you will never want to leave. The most notable tourist attractions within your reach, what could you possibly want more?

The menu consists of a mix of typically Ghent dishes such as Ghent Waterzooi and beef stew and traditional dishes such as mussels, pasta or spareribs. In sum: just great food.

The first floor of our restaurant can be rented for parties, events or meetings. Bet you will score with our balcony with a view over the Sint-Baafsplein.

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