A Ghent monument

’t Vosken was founded in 1908, as a hotel in the heart of Ghent. The monument has evolved since 1988 into the thriving tavern of today. Everyone in Ghent has already heard of ‘t Vosken. It’s has become a ‘must visite’ place on the map.

Original Ghent kitchen

‘t Vosken is known for the ‘Ghent Beef’ with Belgian fries. But also for the other traditional Ghent courses, such as Ghent waterzooi and traditional rabbit. You’ll  return immediately.

25 years of passion

For a quarter of a century, ‘t vosken combines Ghent decency with renewal. 25 years the same chef and 20 years the same staff in tavern. But ‘t vosken never stands still. The whole place gets a total makeover every 3 years.

Great service in a relax atmosphere

Delicious dining or a quick bite in the centre of Ghent at a reasonable price? ‘t Vosken is known by its smooth service in a relax environment. You’ll feel immediately at home as a regular customer.


Tavern 't Vosken, that's Ghent kitchen at it's best

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